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Age Intervention products

We all age. That's a fact. How you will age comes down not one but two primary factors- your genes and then your natural environment or way of life. Being born blessed with good genes can be something we'd all adore, unfortunately, few are that lucky. Even with this advantage it's still incredibly important to take care of the skin and to have a excellent skincare regimen, healthful eating and to ensure you that you undertake a fair amount of physical exercise. While in the society we are living in environmental sun damage and general worry are also contributory variables that need to be definitely avoided.

Just what are the key indications of ageing? Signs aren't only limited to the facial skin. Thinning hair and overall body ageing such as the hands and the neck area could be particularly noticeable. However in terms of the face the real key signs are the appearance of creases about the eyes, the mouth and the forehead; under-eye circles or darkening; and a typical change or loss of flexibility and suppleness in complexion and texture and consistancy.

Anti - ageing technologies have improved at a pace in the last number of years and even more and more companies have researched into this field uncovering a range of breakthroughs that are now tried, tested and in the market. One of the main companies in this field is Jan Marini. They have designed a collection of anti- ageing products produced to combat many of these signs. For example the Jan Marini age intervention cream which aims to rejuvenate the skin, making it firmer and softer.

The Jan Marini peptide extreme makes use of targeted peptides to go into the skin?s deeper layers and direct skin rebuilding activities such as increasing the production of collagen and elastin. Products such as these should be used regularly, but sparingly. They work best when used in conjunction with products from the same range. In the case of Jan Marini its dark circle eye defence and regeneration booster are good examples.

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