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Understanding the National GP Recruitment Procedure

The national GP recruitment process in the U.K. is conducted through the National Recruitment Office for General Practice (GP) Training, an admin centre which co-ordinates thenational GP recruitment process in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. The GP selection process uses significantly researched and standardised recruiting methods of find GPs that have the correct abilities and appropriateness for GP training. The GP national recruitment strategies are continually assessed and monitored.

All applicants to a GP training course are required to send in one application for a GP training program in up to 4 deaneries. Most deaneries offer three year training courses and are available at ST1 entry levels only.

There are certain eligibility demands necessary for a GP Specialty Training program. Individuals must hold a recognized primary medical qualification, they ought to be fully registered with the UK GMC at the time of applying (or be eligible), have proof of employment in a UK Affiliated Foundation program (or proof of achievement of Foundation Competencies in the last 3 years), hold an active driving licence (or be capable to supply a satisfactory alternative), show proof of English Language Proficiency, are eligible to work in Great Britain lastly they must not have resigned or been released from a previous GP training program.

Stage Two of the assessment GP national recruitment process is internet based. This assessment continues to be fully researched and has proven to be a sound tool of predictability. The 2 elements of the Stage Two evaluation are Professional Dilemmas, which targets the candidate's approach to practising medicine and lasts for one hundred and ten minutes, and Clinical Problem Solving where the candidate must use problem-solving skills to ascertain correct diagnosis and management of patients after being presented with many clinical scenarios. This lasts 75 mins.

After Stage 2 examinations, individuals are allocated to deaneries for Selection Centres, based on their preceding results. Applicants are then considered for GP training at that deanery. During Stage Three, individuals complete a series of exercises to display their competency. If this is successful, next comes programme allocation and offer of training.

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