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Learning the GP ST Entry Process

Some young doctors are going to look to enrol in GP Speciality Training Programmes with the intention of entering the world of General Practice. General Practice could appeal to those people who would like to treat the entire person, become familiar with their patients and help promote healthy lifestyles in the local community, however in order to reach one's destination the right procedures need to be adopted.

The GP ST entry process begins when internet applications open. This is frequently in the November of the year prior to when the places will commence. For instance to become considered for posts beginning in August 2014, individuals can begin presenting their applications from 10.00am on November 12th 2013.

To be certain that the selection process is reliable and fair for the people who apply, applications shall be assessed using standard, national guidelines. The current GP selection process makes use of short-listing tests which are machine markable in addition to clinical problem-solving and situational judgement components to gauge the suitability of applicants for GP speciality training programmes.

Stage one of the process will see the applicant rated against the National Person Specification of the first choice deanery. They will then progress to the computer based assessment of stage 2 - should they pass this assessment they're going to be ranked in order for their highest available preferred deanery, who will make them an offer if they are successful.

It seems sensible for applicants to simply choose those deaneries that they would ultimately be happy doing work in because if they may be successful they are going to spend at least 3 years there since this is the length of a standard GP ST entry programme - though some could be run for a four year period.

All applicants must bear in mind that GP recruitment is very competitive - throughout the last three to four years there has been almost 2 applications for every post. To find out more about GP ST entry or to get assistance with your training you'll find support at http://www.emedica.co.uk/

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